Monday, July 16, 2012

letters 14, 15 and 16

Letter fourteen was a first for me-- I made the stationery!  I went to a local store called Rubber Stamp Fantasy last week and bought shimmery black envelopes, gold and silver stickers, metallic pens and cream-colored card stock.  Lauren's was kind of a guinea pig test but I was so happy with how it turned out.  Lauren is someone who I really admire and respect but with whom I have never really spent very much time... Why on earth is that the case?!  Our school is lucky enough to have her around another year as she gets her Master's degree, so I'm going to jump on the opportunity and spend more time with this amazing individual.  I hope that she's okay with this, because I'm pretty persistent.  :)

An attempt at nice lettering on LV's envelope

Letter fifteen was written on the same day as letter fourteen!  That's right-- two letters in one day!  I have lost my mind!  It was an exciting one for me because it was my first letter to a "stranger."  Anna at  The Lettering sent me the letter from the post below and I was thrilled to respond!  She is what I hope I'll be in a few months: a mail art master, letter writing extraordinaire.  Anna, your letter got put in the mail today so it should arrive soon!  Yay for finding others who love snail mail like I do!

Letter sixteen just got picked up by my postie!  It is in transit to bright, beautiful New York City to be with my lovely friend Sara.  Sara lives in this fabulous area of Brooklyn called Park Slope and she was sweet enough to host me at her apartment this past February!  I envy and admire this girl so much.  She moved up to NYC to follow her dreams-- she got a great apartment, two jobs, settled into a fabulous social life and now she's working for NBC!  Yes, NB-freaking-C!  Less than a year after arriving in New York!  I get a little excited when I think about it because I just know that I'm going to see Sara on the Oscars someday.  :)  Anyways, a girl this wonderful (and a great friend and listener on top of all that!) is fully deserving of a letter, so she got just that today.


  1. You will quickly become a mail art expert/master/Queen/extraordinaire! It's so much fun!!

    1. Bahhhh I certainly hope so! I need to get on y'alls level!

  2. Ran into your blog through a different blog and clicked on your name because my name is mallory as well! Love your idea about your letters and I think its awesome thing to do! Way to be awesome!
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