Sunday, September 16, 2012

falling behind on blogging

The past month has been a frenzied whirlwind of change.

I moved from Atlanta to Pensacola, then from Pensacola to Gainesville to start my junior year of college.  I settled into a new apartment with a new roommate (my best friend) and got a new job.  I started my semester's classes (14 credit hours this fall) and have already taken a number of exams and turned in several large projects.  I am serving on the executive board of a huge organization at my university, which requires tons of time invested.  I also work every game day at my university's football stadium in various capacities, which keeps most Saturdays tied up.

All in all, hopefully this chaos explains why I've fallen behind on blogging!  I do plan to resume my blogging now that I've (somewhat) settled into a routine.  Just because I've fallen behind on the blog, however, doesn't mean that I've stopped writing letters!  While I've failed at a letter-a-day, I have written an additional 35 letters since I last posted... which puts me at 66 letters since the start of my project!  I'm about ten letters shy of where I should be but I'll make up for that and still have 365 in 365 :)

If you're reading this and expecting a letter reply from me, don't fret!  I'm doing some serious writing this week.  If you're reading this and want to correspond with me, please email me!  My address is at the bottom of the page.

Happy Sunday, everyone!