Friday, July 27, 2012

Incoming #2 + Postcrossing

Incoming letters two, three and four came this week!  Can you say exciting?!

Incoming letter two was from my lovely friend Lindsey...the first letter from a "real life" friend!  I was so excited and wrote her back already.  We won't be writing much longer though, since we'll be reunited in the same city in just a few weeks!

Lindsey's letter on the left and a letter from Lucas on the right!

Incoming letter three was from Lucas.  He's practically my neighbor, considering he lives just an hour and a half north of me and seemed very familiar with the town I'm living in this summer!  Maybe I'm easily impressed, but I thought it was so cool that he wrote his letter on a typewriter.  I wouldn't know what to do with a typewriter if somebody put it in front of me.  I'm really looking forward to keeping up with this new pen pal, though!

Incoming letter four was from Anna.  I saw on Anna's blog that she had an outgoing letter coming my way earlier this week, so I've been excitedly awaiting its arrival.  Today, as I stood at the edge of the driveway (promptly at 4:40 p.m.) waiting for my postie, I crossed my fingers that it would arrive...and it did--along with two postcards!  (See below.)  I loved the beachy envelope Anna decorated for me and am so excited to respond.

My second letter from Anna in between two Postcrossing cards.

Postcrossing update-- I got two postcards!  So far, five people have received my postcards and I have received two myself.  One of my postcards was from Rose in Canada (yay international mail!) and the other was from Susan in Philadelphia.   This might be the start of a beautiful hobby... 

One other thing- I began an email pen pal friendship this week.  It began as me sending my first Postcrossing card to a stranger in the Netherlands, and it has turned into a fast friendship!  After she emailed me thanking for my letter, I sent her a long response and our conversation started there.  We've found we have so much in common and I am so thrilled to get to know my new friend Henrike better!

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