Thursday, July 5, 2012

letters 3 and 4

Letter three would have been written even if I hadn't begun this project.  I sent it to someone who regularly talks me through the most difficult of things and also listens while I jabber about nothing at all.  He was my saving grace on the day I was moving from Gainesville to Pensacola--a day full of emotional breakdown after emotional breakdown.  (When he arrived at my building, I was crying my eyes out and couldn't get the door open to go outside and meet him.  He not only got me out, but handled my uncontrollable and ridiculous emotions better than just about anyone ever has.)  Chase, if you're reading this, I still owe you.  A letter doesn't equal out to what you've done for me.

A very loving envelope for Kate and a 4th of July greeting for Chase

Letter four was time sensitive because the recipient is leaving the country in just over a week!  Kate Kesselring and I don't appear to have much in common from the outside.  She is this sporty, talented, hilarious girl who can be one of the boys or have any boy she wants.  I am... none of those things.  :)  Yet somehow, we get along beautifully and have developed a friendship that I cherish so much!  While I stay here in an Atlanta suburb, writing letters and hanging out with my grandparents, Kate will be wandering around Greece!  I am so jealous but hoping she has the most amazing of times.


  1. Thank you! Just getting started but I'm psyched about it! :) Love your blog!