Monday, July 23, 2012

letters 21, 22 and 23

Letter twenty one was a birthday card for a friend named Anthony.  The circumstances are slightly weird; I've interacted with him in person four times at the most.  However, I feel so utterly connected to him and wrote him what was quite possibly one of the best birthday messages I've written!  I didn't tell him about this project (mainly because I ran out of room on the card!) but I did let him know that a person as great as him deserved a truly stellar birthday, and I meant that.  In a time of Facebook wall posts and text messages, I think that a real, tangible birthday card is a great gesture and I'm hoping Anthony felt that way too.  Pay it forward!  Send someone (maybe even someone a little random) a birthday card to tell them you care.  :)

Letter twenty two went to my beloved Momma Bear!  By that, I don't mean my actual birth mother...  I mean my fabulous friend Erin!   She recently made her way up to Wisconsin (quite a contrast to Florida) and I thought she could use some snail mail love.  This letter was basically a profession of love for her, because she's responsible for a large portion of my life that means a whole lot to me.  (If you don't know me in real life, that seems vague, I know, and I apologize.)  EP... you are about to show Wisconsin what that state has been missing out on throughout the majority of its existence.  And they're never going to want you to leave.  I love and miss you!

Perfectly robotic card for Josie

Letter twenty three was a birthday card for my enemy Josie.  Did I say enemy?  I clearly meant friend.  This birthday card was perfectly fitting because it had robots on it and Josie is indeed a robot.  I actually bought it in June and have been holding on to it this long so that I could send it in a relatively close proximity to the day of celebration of the birth of Josefina.  Do you see how I'm talking kind of strangely?  That's what Robot Josie does to people.  Anyways, Josie, if you're reading this, you should know that I wish you all the best for your twenty first anniversary of life.  Feel free to make any semi-poor decisions because I'm pretty sure that your body has the Ctrl + Z function as a part of your non-humanity.  Also, I'm excited to embrace you next month.  Prepare yourself accordingly. Or, in your native tongue, "G3t r3@dY $$~~~~~."

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