Friday, July 27, 2012

letters 24, 25, 26 and 27

Letter twenty four was a birthday note!  I wrote it to Amy, who might very well be one of the sweetest people I know.  She is someone who puts a smile on your face every single time you see her, so I'm hoping that for once, I'll be the one putting a smile on her face as she reads her birthday card.  I made yet another attempt at going the handmade route, so hopefully Amy didn't laugh too much at my amateur effort.  :)

Letter twenty five was a reply letter!  Hooray!  My stunning friend Lindsey was the recipient of letter eleven (seen here) and I was lucky enough to get a wonderful response from her today.  It's so nice when my "real life" friends (as opposed to my pen pals/blog friends-- though you all are fabulous too) take the time to send snail mail.  As long as I get letters, I will always respond.  You hear me, Linds?  Although with going back to school in a few weeks, we'll get to communicate in person.  What a great day that will be!

Letter twenty six went to my amazingly intelligent, self-aware, hilarious law student of a friend, Ben.  Ben and I have had several phone chats throughout the summer and they have really been some of the highlights of my time.  That sounds a little pathetic, I realize, but I'm just being honest.  This guy can lift up a mood, make you laugh, talk seriously, give advice... you name it, Ben's the guy for it.  Clearly, he warrants receiving a letter of appreciation, so I sent him just that.  I probably owe him ten more letters if I were trying to adequately depict for him the gratitude I have for him in my life, but I'll stick with the one for now.  :)

Letter twenty seven... yet another birthday note!  I'm going to post her full name-- JOCELYN LONQUIST.  Why am I taking special care to share that?  Because this girl will be famous in approximately five years.  She's a musical theatre student currently who just finished getting paid for a summer of performances at a theatre in Virginia.  I've already made Joce promise me that when she makes it big on Broadway, she has to take me backstage and let me stay with her in the city... that is, if I'm not living there at that point (living in NYC at some point is on my bucket list).  Anyway, Jocelyn ended her teenage years and I sent her a card to celebrate!  It's not as good as being there in person, but it'll work!

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