Tuesday, July 3, 2012

letters 1 and 2

Letter one was one that I've been wanting to send for more than a month.  I sent it to someone who I'm not particularly close to but who has nonetheless been on my mind all summer.  He went on a mission trip to Russia and I thought about him just about every day he was there, and still think about him a lot even though he's back in the U.S.

So, without telling him about this project, I sent him a letter.  David Williams then became the start and I guess, the inspiration, to this project.  My first recipient.

It sounds so great, but there's a problem.  I sent the letter to David's home address, but I think he might be in Gainesville.  This would foil letter number one and not start my project off very well... but I don't want to ask him where he is because I don't want to let on that he has a surprise letter coming!

These are the dilemmas of my day, people.  I'd say I'm leading a pretty relaxed and blissful existence if this is currently my biggest problem.  :)  Stay tuned for whether or not David receives his letter!

Letter two was sent to someone near and dear to my heart: my mentee Mary Grace Ake!  Her birthday is at the end of this week, so I sent her a birthday/missing you/love note.  Of course I'll text her on her special day and post on her Facebook wall, but I'm hoping an actual letter in the mail will bring a smile to her face.  Mentee, if you're reading this, I love you and I hope you had an amazing day!

The post office is closed tomorrow, which puts yet another kink in my plan.  However, I'm going to write a letter tomorrow as planned and simply mail it out on Thursday (with that day's letter).  I have no rules to go off of on this project; I'm making them up as I go along.  I will not be brought down!  These letters will also help me work on my patience and adaptability, it seems.

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