Sunday, August 5, 2012

letters 28, 29, 30 and 31

Letter twenty eight was for my love bug Meredith!  I have known this girl since I was three years old and our friendship has never faltered.  It's mind blowing, really, how well we get along and how much we have in common.  We go to schools in different states (which kind of stinks) but it's incredible--no matter how much time goes by between seeing each other, we always fall right back into our BFF rhythm.  I LYLAS Meredith!

Letter twenty nine was a reply to Lucas!  I was so excited when I got his letter, written on a typewriter and sealed in a painted envelope!  I could take a page or six out of Lucas's book because it seems like he's really mastered the art of the first letter.  He asks good questions, answers questions thoroughly (and, when appropriate, humorously) and uses insane amount of detail.  I LOVE detail.  You could spend three paragraphs telling me what you're wearing, where you're sitting and what is going on around you as you write a letter to me and I'd be enthralled.  I don't know; maybe I'm weird in this regard.  (Do you like extreme detail in letters you receive?)  I forced myself to wait a day to respond to Lucas, both for the sake of practicing self discipline and for making it the letter of the day... I'm so looking forward to hearing back from him!

Letter thirty was a reply to Anna!  Anna's letters are vivid and funny and everything a good letter should be-- and her mail art is out of this world!  I am always very conflicted when I get one of her letters.  On one hand, I am dying to open it and read every word and respond.  On the other hand, the envelopes are always so gorgeous that I feel a bit sad to rip them open and mess up the art!  I've found a compromise by taking pictures of the envelope before I open it.  :)  Anna, I'm putting your letter in the mail on Monday!  It'll be my last letter to you sent from Georgia!

Letter thirty one was a playlist/note/cd for my friend Chase (last seen in letter three).  I'm really hoping that the cd doesn't crack or break in transit to his house!  Have you ever sent a cd before in the mail?  I didn't use a padded envelope or anything but I'm hopeful that it will be okay.  I personally love getting mix cd's from people of their favorite music so I hope that Chase will like mine!

Note: In moving away from Georgia, I've gotten a little behind on the blog!  The letter project is still going strong but I haven't had much time to post here.  I'll be updating quite a bit in the next few days!  Also, if you have my Georgia address and need my temporary Florida address (I'll be changing again in about ten days though...) then shoot me an email at!